DistricomGroup Distribution Competence
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Identifying opportunities and setting direction

A core part of Districom’s offering is the development and implementation of benchmark business processes. Process clarification increases efficiency. It is the only way to drive cooperation over functional lines, as well as a definitive method of clarifying and stimulating organizational change, such as:

  • How does best practice distribution processes look like and how to implement them?
  • How can the distribution organization be more cost competitive yet support our positioning?
  • How can wholesalers build and steer a great partnership with retailers?

Coupled with the use of intelligence enabling the development of focused approaches with a keen eye on customer and results, the process taken reduces time and expedites results.

Sales Channel Development
  • Sales Channel set-up and implementation planning
  • Core distribution processes development
  • Integration of supporting frameworks such as ISO/Sarbanes-Oxley

Partner Management Retail Steering
  • Retail Approach optimization
  • Franchise Attractiveness increase for dealers
  • Review of Field Force set-up
  • KPI-based Retail Reporting

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