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Sustaining distribution solutions = Now!

Many international companies have approached their Asian distribution in a way that do not capitalise on Asia’s ability to innovate and grow.

During the last decade, corporations have poured resources into product development. However, the operations, sales and distribution channels have received much less attention. That will have to change.

Customers are increasingly demanding not only that products and brands are relevant to them, but also how they are treated. Therefore, companies need to start investing in building modern, capable and relevant distribution organisations to better control that customer experience. They will have to do this by working hand-in-glove with their distribution partners and retailers.

Districom helps companies change and transition from production-based thinking into customer-driven focused endeavour.

Using current and relevant fact-based intelligence, Districom combines information with companies’ aims, supported by efficient distribution processes. This results in clarity in objectives and roles amongst all stakeholders, ease and efficiency in decision-making processes, so that overall profits and growth are achieved.

With hands-on experience from real business challenges across Asia, in particular the automotive industry, Districom’s intelligence-led formula ensures quick wins and sustainable solutions.

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