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Fueling change – Pushing key levers in your distribution

Districom develops with businesses the architecture behind the use of intelligence, how to translate customer needs and loyalty into product offerings and sales management. This enables bringing the right products in the right process, at the right time and price to customers. Effective monitoring and reporting is put in place to ensure effective implementation to customer satisfaction.

  1. Fact-based and KPI driven Market & Customer Intelligence as the core, Districom helps businesses recognise key distribution leverage points using up-to-date facts.
  2. Strategic direction and sales channel set-up of all distribution links connects all stakeholders to work towards the same direction to achieve results.
  3. Parameter and objective setting Retail steering enables clear steps and timelines to be achieved whilst doing more of the right things at the right times to optimise sales growth.
  4. Monitoring and follow-up ensures that tasks are on track and the unexpected addressed in a timely fashion.
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