DistricomGroup Distribution Competence
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Changing the Automotive world

Automotive distribution has developed slower in the last 50 years as compared to other industries. With the change in industry, new players are turning Asia into an equal player in the global arena; setting new cost base standards for development and production. However, distribution challenges still remain.

Districom believes that the changing customer mindset, influenced by rapid adoption of technology and communications, has to be reconsidered and adapted to differently. Radical change is needed to pull the traditional production-based thinking into a new world of changing customer needs.

Districom’s substantial operational and advisory experience and know-how include:  

  • Market Entry business case
  • Strategy and direction planning processes / China strategy
  • Positioning of new brands – Market expansion
  • Increasing franchise attractiveness for dealers
  • Operational Implementation of Wholesale company / operations
  • Building up Fleet and Used sales channels
  • Core distribution processes development
  • China Strategy
  • ISO, Sarbanes-Oxley Act Compliance for automotive industry
  • Retail steering & review of field force set-up
  • Intelligence and reporting set-up
  • Market trend and data analysis

Want to know more? Contact us at info@districomgroup.com

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